Zippy Ziggy v6 ch38

Sorry for the late release. Funny story though… this chapter was stuck on QC for some time and then when the QCer was ready, mediafire lost our file and Mako had to do it again!!! Well, here’s how he feels…

Banquet Box – ch0/Preview

A new series!!! Banquet Box! This series has been suggested by our new translator, Bill~~ 🙂

This is a complete series and published on Daum. I wish I could give you a summary, but to be honest, I don’t know very well. haha ^_^;

Tower of God ch16

We got some more ass kicking in this chapter. 😛 You probably seen that coming too… And I was going to say more, but realized that would be a spoiler.

Chapter 16 of Tower of God. Enjoy!

Zippy Ziggy v6 ch37

Zippy Ziggy ch37. Enjoy~ Also, we came to realize’s performance hasn’t been upto par recently. We’re looking into alternatives. And as always, there will be mirror from us to rely on.

Kubera Ch4

The guys (pedo & deus) are too fast… I (grumpy) can’t even make release pages this fast. lol They’re probably also making me look bad for releasing others so slow… lol