Green Boy Ch1

Haruki our new translator and Semperpes our new QC

for this series did a wonderful job to bring you Green Boy.

Please give them a big thanks!

– Oculus

EDIT: There is some minor issues with the way GBch1 is being displayed on the online reader,

it seems that the first 12 pages are fine, but it is showing another 12 pages of the same chapter in random

order right after the first 12 pages. Once you’ve come to the part where it shows the naver link,

that should be the last page of GBch1. Just ignore the pages after that.

Please ignore it until Grumpy logs on to fix it. Thank You!

Fixed – Grumpy

Scanlation English
Download Ch1
Read Online Ch1

8 Responses

  1. Ok, I’ve already heard about good timing, but a perfect timing won’t happen much, I’ve just read chapter 0!

  2. And a new one added to my favorites…
    Can someone tell me were to learn Korean, there is even more good stuff on naver.

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