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  1. the rate at which the chapters are coming out makes it seem like you are lazy. And Pedo Bear jr seem like a god

    1. You’re kidding right? These are the fastest releases in general I’ve seen in a while.

    2. -.-
      1. We have life outside of translating.
      2. I do 3 series.
      3. I have to manage this site at the same time including making release notes
      4. It’s just a hobby. If you suddenly take a break from building rc cars for a week as an example, are you considered lazy? And I haven’t even taken a week off.

      You know… it’s rather quite easy to see why you were banned from ateam’s site…

        1. Angry, we all do our part. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean something isn’t happening. So no more whining :P. The better man doesn’t sit there and complain but rather asks how he can help.

          1. well i would be helping if i had the right software i cant edit maybe i can proofread or something

          2. actually now that i think about it i have posted too many mean comments grumpy would never let me be part of the company

            Also I would be harassing the other members of the team i would be kicked off in week

      1. wow… somebody actually got banned from a-team’s site… i guess they hate angry trolls 😛

  2. yey thanks for the release
    may i also ask what background image you are using on chap dl page?

  3. @angryfan#1 your right, kubs release are too fast… we will slow it down to the same pace as the others… this way no one will complain which manhwa is released too fast or too slow.

  4. dear grumpy,
    many thanks for doing this.. i really love the story kubera!! :)also…um.. its the first time i saw some ‘indian’ touch like god agni , vayu, asuras, kubera(kubera is called god of wealth in india!):)in a web comic….its really cool.I will also check the other stories on this site.keep up the good work!
    also thanks to the company scanlators n currygom.. XD

  5. author of kubera later makes a note,
    many people asked the author if he copied the names of the characters from other comics/books. Then he said he got it from real “gods’ name from different parts of the world 😛

  6. Translation note said you couldn’t find the exact descriptive term for the kind of magic that comes from the entity itself, so you used ‘transcendent’? Did you try ‘intrinsic’?

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