Zippy Ziggy v6 ch38

Sorry for the late release. Funny story though… this chapter was stuck on QC for some time and then when the QCer was ready, mediafire lost our file and Mako had to do it again!!! Well, here’s how he feels…

Anyways, enjoy. It’s a short chapter though.

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Oh btw… asking us to translate faster doesn’t actually affect our speed even by a second. And I really mean that in an objective way.

26 Responses

    1. I just woke up *yawn*
      Ohh and If you’re seeing a ghost… you are cursed just like me (nOOOooooO)

  1. Asking doesn’t make you go faster does nagging help at all or how about threats

    Also Thanks for the chapter

    1. LOL… i been following your comments for a while, and i have to admit, i do enjoy reading them.

  2. just to point out…
    i think “kang sok gu” isn’t a name
    when he throws the baseball but rather a “fastball”
    JUST saying 😛
    other than that awesome scans n loving every moment of it 😀

  3. hey do we have to keep this site PG because i’d like to say what i want without holding back

  4. Thnx for the hard work! That page, y that page is one of the best in all of this awesome manga!

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