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  1. I bet she wants to test Ship… or get him killed :p

    Nice credits page btw, even though it only worked because of the webcomic format :P. Or rather… good job on taking advantage of that:D

  2. I’m usually a leecher and never comment anywhere, but I just want to say I really appreciate that you guys (or gals) are translating all of these for everyone.

  3. YAY! Another chapter! Thank you for the release! You, guys, made my day a lot better! It made my cold feel a bit less severe! And me a lot happier!

  4. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ nice work ~~~~~~~~~~~
    through when i red coment under release i was expecting the team from block 3 or whatever to come out =^^= – the mass killers or something like that…. and here we have green bean beating up religious fanatics… huuh….

    either way good job~~~

    Arigatou gozaimashita~~~

      1. Well he could have read the comments first. In which case he would have known about it and since you always put the credits first he would have skipped the first bit and would have noticed the repeat of images and would have started reading from the actual story. But I also doubt he skipped it lol.

        Thanks for the release btw!

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