Green Boy ch0 / Thesis Status

We have yet another new series!!! This series will be translated by our new translator Haruki~~ Welcome~~

We’ve labeled this one as Shoujo Shounen on MU, but don’t be afraid to try it out guys girls. It’s both gender friendly~ xD

On separate note, we do need more cleaners, typesetters and QCers to help us pump out more of this series.

On even more separate note, we are picking Thesis back up – once again by Haruki. <3


Scanlation English
Download Ch0
Read Online Ch0

Edit: Changed from shoujo -> shounen… It’s really borderline imo..

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  1. what?!?! you wouldn’t need more people to help if you stopped picking up new series hopefully this wont be one of those translating sites that translate like 20 series but only have enough people for 3 why dont you focus on your most popular series instead of picking new series

      1. ignore him haruki, he just needs a hug… and thanks for translating this one, i’m looking forward to the new chapters.

    1. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but the speed of the “popular series”, aka tog and zz are unaffected. ToG is always at maximum possible speed of 1 per week and zz’s always been 1 for 1.5 weeks. Last release would have been fast if not for issues we had last time. And a new person IS assigned to ZZ to speed things up.
      The new series are picked up by new members. Oh and our staff size is now considerably larger than most groups now. But many are new to scanlation and need some warming up time.

      1. so you dont decide to pick up new projects new member do huh.
        Oculus i like kittens more
        I lied i hate any manga that has boxing because they can never live up to HAJIME NO IPPO

  2. I’ve followed the series raws and I’ve always wished for a group to scanlate this manhwa. Thank you for the release.

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