Tower of God ch17

I (Grumpy) actually have a long story for you today. But skip right down to ToG if you like… I’ll try not to cry.

Nura (our usual cleaner)’s charger broke and he was unavailable for some time, so our alternate cleaner, Oculus has helped to bring this series to you. Nura managed to get back for QC though. Anyway, that’s why it’s late.

Also, semperspes has joined as QC in an attempt to end our apparently endless, horrible butchering of the English language which a number of people have claimed.
Welcome semperspes.

On a separate note, that guinea pig photo is a paid stock photo. Please don’t make some stupid demotivational picture out of it. Thanks.

Oh and happy (possibly early) halloween folks~

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24 Responses

  1. The story isn’t that long, and sorry bout that folks, needed my parents to mail me the receipt so I could get it replaced. Next week will be faster (at least on my end).

  2. whose hand was it at the end?
    by the way I am greatful for your release. I don’t care if it’s late. You guys are the best for TOG!!!! THE COMPANY ROCKS. Happy Halloween!

    1. the hand at the end?, isn’t it baam’s hand? or someone else with a black march, but i’m pretty sure it’s baam.

      1. It is bamm’s band, just look at chap 8 and you can see a very similar shot of bamm’s hand holding BM.

  3. Looks like black march wants to have a go. Unless there’s another powerful weapon around. Mysterious team?

  4. wow that’s why those chapters were like that. I am pretty clean with my grammar because I have to write large research papers and took college level English classes, but I thought all you guys ever needed was re-drawers and translators which I could never do. Thanks for continued coverage of TOG it is the shit.(my grammar may be quite bad in that last

  5. Thanks so much!!! For better or worse this series has replaced Bleach as the number one manga for me!! 😀

  6. This manhwa has really good character design… Another cool person ‘entered’ the ring.

  7. Man, those are some thick clothes he’s wearing, and the blanket looks warm, too. Doesn’t he sweat inside it? Man, i bet he stinks… that’s what shinsoo is, stink power 😛

    Thanks for the release 🙂

  8. Thanks for the chapter! Sorry to hear that you had so much trouble with computers and whatnot. Thanks again 😀

  9. Hey that’s great manga and i want to retranslate it so could you write me on ass embla. com where i can get clean version ? My nick is Aperos

  10. Both download links are down … from this chapter (17) to at least the 26th (didn’t try any higher). Any way you could reupload these?

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