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    1. I’m so ashamed, when I saw the original I thought this would be a boring chapter… how wrong I was about SIU skill? seems like a lot hehe
      ohh and I forgot the usual thanks to Grum… I mean The Company

  1. <3 Tower of God, thx.
    I was suprised that the new team didnt show up this chapter? It's not as if they have to be cautious, lol.

  2. Wow! I absolutely love reading this, so glad I found it and started reading it! I Especially love Mr. Gator, he is by far my favorite character. I couldn’t stop laughing! I can’t wait for the next chapter ^_^!!

  3. Thank you very much for this chapter. I appreciate all your hard work as always.

    This bonus test is going to get interesting ^_^

  4. Hello,
    I am the founder of a French scanlation team, I wanted to know if we could use your work of manhwa Tower of God.

    PS: Excuse my English is not very good.

        1. >_> the original chapters are released once a week. With the exception of the current week’s release, we are completely caught up to the original releases of the series, and I have little doubt chapter 15 will be released before 16 comes out. So chill. It’s not like there’s 100 chapters out and they’re releasing ’em once a month.

          1. thanks for informing… i was hoping that 100 chapters was up or something like that…

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