Banquet Box – ch0/Preview

A new series!!! Banquet Box! This series has been suggested by our new translator, Bill~~ 🙂

This is a complete series and published on Daum. I wish I could give you a summary, but to be honest, I don’t know very well. haha ^_^;
You want at least some info, right? Check it out at MU. Though, I actually wrote everything in there too.

Anyways, hope you will enjoy this series!

Scanlation English
Download Ch0
Read Online Ch0

5 Responses

  1. Looks promising but I’ll need 3 more chaps before I can form a solid opinion about it.

  2. What is with the guy crying you usually dont start a story with someone crying it is usually is in the middle
    And the the tranlator Bill choose a nickname like Angryfan1 follower
    Hopefullly this will replace Nam Gi-han To be an Elite

  3. Chapter 1 will be out soon… really soon (some epic photoshop battle is happening right now… and no it isn’t the raws fault hehe)

    Well this time i can’t say thanks so i will chance it for an:

  4. Thank you for translating this series! I read all the chapters in Daum. Gosh, that manwha was a psychological thriller for me… And it left deep thoughts, too.

    I hope others will feel this way too after they read all your translated chapters of this manwha.

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