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  1. wiiiiiiiiiii ToG is out!!!! thanks grumpy, nura and tsaubern

    Now lets watch some ass kicking

  2. Thanks for the release, company guys πŸ™‚

    I liked this chapter, even if it should have had a little more ,,bang”, in my opinion… too many words :/

    But this bit here is a little weird: ,,But you were all in-your-face earlier, but why are you so considerate now? Be honest, did my fall head over heels over my manliness and just couldn’t come to harm me? Is that it?”
    Is he purposefully tripping on his words, or what? If not, the first ,,But” shouldn’t be there and ,,did MY fall head…” should be ,,did YOU fall head..”, at the very least.

    Because I care πŸ˜›

  3. The round’s end with anak…
    Should be
    The rounds end with anak…
    or something similar.

    1. “The round ends with Anak, Ship Lesoo, and Hatsu as the victors!!”, is probably best.

      Once again, thank you for scanlating this great comic.

      1. I’m sorry for flooding, but I can’t find an edit button, and I’m posting these as I read the comic. I do not believe “Regardlessly” is an actual word, “Regardless” makes much more sense.

          1. “Deterrence” should be either “deterrence” or “deterrent”.

            “Sigh, team is crumbling~” is better as ” Sigh, the team is crumbling~”

            “What are you uselessly pandering?” should be either “Why are you uselessly pandering?” or “What are you uselessly pandering about?”

          2. β€œ… any combo with trash of a man like ajussi.”
            to either:
            β€œ… any combos with trash like you, ajussi.”
            β€œ…any combos with a trash of a man like you, ajussi.”

      1. Ah, right. Sorry for cluttering the comments page then, and once again thank you for the great release.

          1. Actually, when I looked it up, Regardlessly is a real word, it’s the adverb of Regardless.

  4. ahh i dont really care about spelling mistakes or grammar, it’s a nice read even with all that.

    on a side note, the raw chapter 17 isnt out yet D: even tho its sunday D:

  5. thx <3
    btw can you tell us where all those credits pics came from? Especially the tattoo woman who is also on the website dl page.

    1. I answered this so many times… T_T
      Most of them are just art. It’s not any manga/animation. The “tatooed woman” is from Bakemonogatari but heavily modded image.

  6. ummm when is 17 coming out? Im pretty sure you guys are busy and not to sound ungrateful for all the hard work translating and such.. just wondering

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