Kubera Ch8

I told Pedo that we’ll be delaying this weeks release until after Halloween, but he started

making this sad face… well, it was hard to say no to the bear… so here it is, Kubera Chapter 8.

enjoy and thank the bear!!! and mfkevinking for comforting the bear!!!


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8 Responses

  1. I’m pretty disturbed with the change in the comic…like coloring kubera’s clothe, adding “100%cotton” marks on the clothe of that orange head guy, and three dogs on the part where orange head and kubera were talking
    And r u trying advertise Coca-cola?
    it seems like an indirect advertisement
    Please keep it original

    1. Oh… the NERVE of this guy… hahah j/k

      come here for originality: http://comic.naver.com/webtoon/list.nhn?titleId=131385&weekday=sun

      if those are the only changes you’ve noticed until now, then i have gotten away with far more throughout my editing of kubera. as i stated in the previous chapter, that i’ll be doing away with credit pages… since people tend to skip them, i added credit placement instead. hence the “three dogs” with the tl, qc, ts/cleaner’s name on them. i am happy to hear that you took noticed of the bunny, dog, and bear. it seems that my creative thinking is effective. thank you.

      as part with our contract agreement with coca-cola, we are paid to advertise their products… and many others… we are making millions off these endorsement.


      1. They have the same effect as a fart in the middle of a romantic scene, imho 😛 (yeah i compared your “creative” work with a smelly fart, so?). In the end, they’re minor details that don’t alter the plot, but they still kill the mood.

        Btw, if you feel insulted about people not reading the credits and such, let me ask you this: Do you read other scanlation teams’ credit pages? What about the usually boring foreword of a book? Do you sit in the cinema through all the credits, reading each name?

        Bottom line is, those who don’t care will still not remember you by the time they finish reading , and those who do, already take the time to read credit pages :p

        P.S.:I strongly suspect you’re just bored, which puts my preachy rant off-target, but… meh

  2. Thank you for all your feedbacks, Here is my response (not trying to be mean) I have no motivation to clean/ts kub other than for my own enjoyment… cleaning/ts are tedious work, and i do this on a volunteer base. so, i get some of my enjoyment adding minor things to the comic without altering it in its’ entirety. If you had really cared about the webtoon you would had taken the time to register on the forum and interact with us instead of leaving comments like these on the blog. to answer your question kestrel, yes i do take the time to read the credits and pm the people working on the projects that i enjoy reading with a thank you. i don’t know if you guys have any experience working on these stuff. but until you do, you don’t know the work they put into it… and most of them are volunteers like myself. and no i don’t sit through the cinema because thats not my line of work… you are comparing apples to oranges. a page with 4 names compared to 5 minutes of scrolling text are a different matter, but i do get what your trying to say…and so, i hope you do take the time to become members of our forum, then we can really talk. as i heard from a politician asking an audience, if she was a register voter, she replied no and he moved onto the ones that really matter.


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