Please do not…

Although this message has an extremely high chance of not being read by the ones that matters…

Please do not ___ in comments fields:

  • Write fake websites in comments field. It is an optional field, you can simply write nothing. Doing this will make you get caught by anti-spam filter.
  • Write fake email addresses. Your email address will never be revealed, sold, or in anyway redistributed to any parties. We will not spam you either. We don’t even have newsletters. If you’re gonna write a fake email address, at least write a better one. Because, it’s going to get caught by anti-spam filters again. If you REALLY don’t want to write an email address, use email.
  • Post again and again like 5 times because comments are not showing up. You were caught by anti-spam filter and repeating may just get you on the blacklist at a much larger number of websites that use the same anti-spam system called akismet (aka almost every wordpress site).

Thank you. ^^;

ps. If you register on this site, captcha will not appear – if you find that annoying. And probably don’t have to worry about spam filters.

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  1. Weeeeiirrdd… I like ALWAYS put a fake email address XD. Guess I’m just lucky I never got chosen as spam lol. Wait then whats the point of the recaptcha thing at the bottom (where you type the random letters in)?

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