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  1. I hope you like this and the next 3 million chapters.

    P.D. woa~ almost 50k views on mangafox

    Side note.. ok now back to zippy ziggy… any delays this week are my fault for been so slow

  2. Thanks for your great work! but the way, your download links grumpyland for all your releases don’t work.

    1. Works for me… down for anyone else?

      Are you trying to use a download manager or some weird method? The server may be blocking you for security reasons.

  3. nope, manually. when i click on the arrow, it sends me to
    “http:///[TheCompany]Banquet%20Box_ch1.zip”. I think it’s missing something but I don’t know what.

    1. I’ve changed the method in which it displays the download link. This download button gets used quite a lot throughout everyday. So, it’s odd that it’s breaking for you. I can clearly see how it’s breaking, but I don’t know why your browser would be breaking it.

      Do you mind telling me your operating system and browser? Also, does it still break?

  4. Thanks, it works now! I use Vista & Internet Explorer 8, so it’s quite a possibility the problem is only my computer but again thanks for your help!

  5. wow thanks for the all the releases ! 🙂
    you guys , are pretty awesome for doing this 😀

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