Super Mass Release! ToG 1 year anniversary!

Jimmini jillickers Batman! A mass release!!!

That’s right folks, it has been 1 year since we picked up Tower of God and it was one hell of a ride that just won’t stop. Is that something really worth celebrating? Who knows, who cares. But, it was motivating enough to do this mass release that’s clearly bigger than we’ve ever done before. Rather, there’s like a month’s worth of stuff here! xD

Well, now our members are sleep deprived and are slowly going to start collapsing. 🙂

For anyone thinking: “There’s 52 weeks in a year!” Well, we didn’t pick up ToG when it just came out. 😛 So, this is our 1 year mark of ToG. And it’s also Lillith’s 1 year mark of doing scanlations. hehe This is probably our fastest ToG done to date, we have no plans to keep this up. 😛

Also, Zippy Ziggy is on the same chapter count as Tower of  God! 😀

You might also notice a new series here. It’s been on our to-do list for quite some time. It’s Veritas! Yes, it’s been already completed. But by now, you should know we love color. That’s why I’m sure you’d enjoy Veritas in FULL COLOR! Veritas is a joint operation with helz0ne, the folks who brought you Veritas last time. 🙂 ( @ helz0ne. lol I know we just skipped a few “necessary” steps. But somehow wanted to include it here in the end. ^^ forgiveness plz)
We took down Veritas for sake of quality. It was the last project to be finished and we were constantly yelling at TheGodfather to make the deadline. And well… rushed result was sub-standard. So, we’ll release it properly in a bit. ^^

Lastly, and I really mean lastly, Zusun has come to an end. These are the final chapters. I hope you enjoyed the series.

This mass release was possible thanks to:
Grumpy, Crazy, Trebor, Lillith (aka podlizurko), Fembot, Fubuly, Haruki, TheGodfather, mhh, Shin, Elrohon, G-Cage (new Cleaner), sirnoodles (new Pr), Kento (new Pr), hack_jr (new Pr), Tsukasah (new TL), Eggs (new TL), & Al (new TL)! (Psst, did I miss anyone that was in these chaps?)

Chapter RO DL
Tower of God
Chapter 55 Download
Zippy Ziggy
Vol8 Chapter 55 Download
Cleans (PSD)
Chapter 9 Download
Chapter 10 Download
Green Boy: Shouting Out to You
Chapter 33 Download
Chapter 34 Download
Fairy Heart
Chapter 4 Download
Chapter 5 Download
Chapter 26 Download
Volume 1 Chapter 1 Fixing Download
Maria Holic
Chapter 22 Download
Dr. Frost
Chapter 10 Download
Chapter 11 Download
Chapter 12 Download
Chapter 13 Download
Chapter 14 Download
Chapter 15 Download
Chapter 19 Download
Chapter 20 (End) Download

77 Responses

  1. Most amazing release ever, thank you so much for your hard work and determination to get a mass release out. I’d like to thank you all. Also: Long live ToG, it’s really starting to become a kick-ass manhwa. Thanks again 🙂

  2. You guys messed up on Kubera, through the whole thing you called Asha “she” and its been established that Asha is he. (and made more obvious by seeing him in bed in night cloths.

      1. She is a girl, at first in the manhwa they mistake her for a guy and that’s probably where true is getting confused. (Also just to make sure, Asha is the girl with the white hair, correct? ;P)

        1. Oh its been awhile, I thought it was the other way around, anyway asha is drawn as having a completely flat chest, I mean not even the slightest bump. It was hard to see with the fir or whatever, but pretty obvious with “her” in pajamas. Also the love connections between Ashe (even if some are one way) and various female characters also make me think male.

          Asha has short blue hair, not white hair.

    1. Actually, not all the characters in Kubera knows whether Asha is a girl/boy. So, depending on the speaker, he/she will flip around. You should pay attention to what the narration says for actually knowing the gender. 😛

  3. Thank you for all your hard work. You guys are truly the embodiment of pure aaaaaweeessssssome!!!

    For the latest TOG – as expected of Koon Agero Agnis. He’s da bomb! Thank you to the team that translated it!

  4. Well I must say Zusun getting canceled like that is disappointing, yes canceled, not ended. Its obvious from the hurried open ended last chapter that skipped a major battle and alot of information that it was was canceled very unexpectedly and prematurely.

    Like who has the bloody all powerful sword? If its that one guy, what of the other one comes back and attacks while hes away trying to revive the girl, yes I could look up all the names, but I don’t feel like it.

    So I take it that Zusan was a published comic, rather then a web one, despite the beautiful colored drawings? What was it published in/what did you scantilate from?

    1. No, Zusun is a webtoon. We disclose that on *every* release, on *every* chapter via the link.

      1. Fine then, still was shut down unexpectedly/hurriedly.

        If it were for personal reasons, I wish the author would have left it open and just gotten back to it latter. I hope it wasn’t anything too serious.

  5. Dr. Frost was freakin’ amazing! Need more about the NEET! Nah, I know you guys are exhausted from all your hard work. Thanks for the rest of File 1 all at once; it really helped me become a faithful reader of this series.

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