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Super Mass Release! ToG 1 year anniversary!

Jimmini jillickers Batman! A mass release!!!

That’s right folks, it has been 1 year since we picked up Tower of God and it was one hell of a ride that just won’t stop. Is that something really worth celebrating? Who knows, who cares…

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Fairy Heart Ch3


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Fairy Heart Ch2

Enjoy the second chapter of Fairy Heart! : )

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Fairy Heart Ch1

Not too long of a wait~
Enjoy the first chapter! : )

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Fairy Heart Preview

Hello everyone!
We have picked up a new series (titled “Fairy Heart”), translated by our newest translator, Pin Wheel. : )
Along with a new TL, we also have a new cleaner, mhh, and a new QA, Cala, who will be working on this series as well~ : D
Enjoy! The first chapter will be coming out soon.

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