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Id Vol14 Chapter 1 v2

Kogi has done a marvelous job in doing a version 2 with such bad raws. And here it is! Scanlation Id Vol 14, ch 1 (aka 87)

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Id vol14 ch4

This is the last chapter of volume 14!!! yay!! Oh, I forgot to write on the creds page. This is not a side story. From vol14 and on, the last chapter highlights what happened to Id prior to coming to the alternate universe and how he came about to this other place. Please read the […]

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Id vol14, ch4 Translation Only

Translation Id Vol 14, ch 4 (aka 90) Pronunciation Land Chunhwa is actually correctly romanized by Chaun-Hwa instead. For example, it’s like the o in the word odd but with Ch beginning and n at the end. Geez English sucks for describing foreign phonetics (or as my prof. used to say, English alphabet sucks for […]

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Id v14 ch3.2~3 Translations Only

Translation Id Vol 14, ch 3, part 2/3 (aka 89b) Id Vol 14, ch 3, part 3/3 (aka 89c)

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Notes on Id (Before I forget)

These are some things that I probably should have put in the creds page with all the other junk. heh Id is pronounced like the word “kid” but without the K while extending each phonetic. So, don’t start saying eye-dee. In the manhwa/novel, Id says that is a short of a the name Greydrone – […]

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Id v14 ch3 (p3)

This is the last part of chapter 3. Only 1 more chapter of bad quality to go! Enjoy Scanlation Id Vol 14, ch 3 part 3/3 (aka 89c) Id Vol 14, ch 3 (aka 89)

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Some Raws

Raw Korean
열혈강호 / Ruler of the Land Megaupload
이드 / Id Megaupload
마제 / Majeh / Demon King Megaupload
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Id Vol 14, ch 1 ~ ch 3.2

Scanlation Id Vol 14, ch 1 (aka 87) Id Vol 14, ch 2 (aka 88) Id Vol 14, ch 3 part 1/3 (aka 89a) Id Vol 14, ch 3 part 2/3 (aka 89b)

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