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  1. Indead it is allot Clener! But Most ly Thx for The Chapter it was intresting and if i remember right from the Raws it will only get bether The Furter u Go in this volume

  2. Wow talk about the difference. Great job!

    I gave the volume 14 a try as well, just for the hell of it and gave up after the first page with gimp^^.

  3. I forgot to mention to Nara & Grumpy in the above post taking the time give us the chaps. You guys rocked!

    Also any-word from constant flow because A-team is back so is he going to drop the work his edits?

    I should probably ask on MF but I really don’t want to join and register to the site to ask a question. 🙂

    1. This one was clean/typed by Kogi… lol
      In any case, you’re welcome. lol

      No, I haven’t heard from const since last time around.

      1. Yeah I know v2 was done by Kogi… the post was Poorly expressed on my part :). I was just thankful for the great job on v1 and all the time you guys spent on the chapters.

        Now back to lurking and the silence that comes with it. 🙂

        1. well yes im droping it 1st because A-team is back in it & 2nd i don’thave time anymore to do it like I tought i would.

  4. Ty guys for such a good scanlation, once i get my credit card back i will give an donation. Quick question are you working on volume 15?

    1. lol thanks. Though.. I don’t even have a donation button. xD Maybe I’ll put it up. lol
      Nope, I’m not going to do 15, though it should actually yield a good job. lol A-Team is back on Id, so they should be there soon anyways.

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