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Id Vol 14, ch 4 (aka 90) Grumpyland

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Chunhwa is actually correctly romanized by Chaun-Hwa instead. For example, it’s like the o in the word odd but with Ch beginning and n at the end. Geez English sucks for describing foreign phonetics (or as my prof. used to say, English alphabet sucks for even English words)… But, I kept it as it was mentioned (Chun) before. Other characters that has the name “Chun” in it is meant to be “Chun” — similar to “choon”.

Ok-bing: Ok is a short o. So, in a word like oak minus the a. Bing is just bing…

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  1. simply to answer the last one i wasn’t done cleaning them when my laptop died and since i just received it back then i didn’t have time working on it i had about 50 pages done i actuaally don’t mind giving them to anyone up to the point that i dont care about being acredited for it or not, as long as someone is not saying that he hd done it.

    1. In that case, feel free to register on this website and I’ll make u into author so you can actually post it here if you want.
      Any portion is fine too. It’s all up to you.
      If you do share, thanks.

  2. Nice thanks for the translation! Volume 14 has come to an end! Yey!

    Thanks again for all the chapters you guys put out.

  3. On it but I didn’t fully clean the last few pgs, one of the dangers of late night work, lol. I should have the chapter up in a day or two (schoolwork depending).

    1. Chapter 4 has been sent to Grumpy for review/credit page, should be up in a few hours, enjoy guys.

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