Notes on Id (Before I forget)

These are some things that I probably should have put in the creds page with all the other junk. heh

Id is pronounced like the word “kid” but without the K while extending each phonetic. So, don’t start saying eye-dee.
In the manhwa/novel, Id says that is a short of a the name Greydrone – the dragon. The part that was extracted was the “yd” 😛
Hope that’s clear for people now, though good luck pronouncing it in English. xD

Chaos vs Khaos.
The awesome engrish author uses the word chaos (by translation from Korean) quite frequently to define the chaotic mix of light and dark. But there’s a guy named “Chaos” (by pronunciation of the english word in Korean). So, to prevent this confusion, I changed the name of the person named Chaos to Khaos.

I think Takinan / Naruno / Gaise trio has the worst names in this manhwa. Takinan just plainly sounds terrible. Naruno sounds Japanese in the midst of European names. Gaise, pronounced gaa-i-s, sounds like “guys”.

That’s all for now. 😛

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  1. this seems like the best place to ask so , do you guys have the raws for the upcoming chapters/volumes? It would suck if you only have up to this chapter.
    thanks grumpy and nura for your great work.

  2. I have a younger bro that I managed to get interested in K-drams. After wards he went and learned the Korean language onlne and can read it (slowly). Problem is he doesn’t know what the words he can read actually mean… lol

    Anyways I had him look at some Id Raws and he told me once that “Id” was pronounced more like “e-du” or something like that… I cant recall…

    But I’m just gong to stick with “id” in the literal English style. 🙂

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