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  1. @Nura I didnt get any msgs…

    @Someone about onemanga. Do it urself. lol
    By: Grumpy on 2010, 03, 12 @ 11:58

    @Grumpy Done and sent via msg
    By: Nuralataion on 2010, 03, 12 @ 09:19

    thanks grumpy and nuralataion , also can someone please upload it to onemanga?
    By: on 2010, 03, 12 @ 07:47

    Thank you! This series is awesome! And I know what you mean…how can all the site has same raw source…its just plain suck! It is wonderful series! How come there are no raws of it online!
    By: somehow_here on 2010, 03, 11 @ 05:09

    I can probably TS the rest of vol 14 if you want Grumpy, just send me a msg.
    By: Nuralataion on 2010, 03, 11 @ 01:03

    Thanks so much for the second part of chapter 3.
    By: MaxMan on 2010, 03, 11 @ 00:28

    @Kemm, about A-Teams ID problems can be seen here:
    By: Grumpy on 2010, 03, 10 @ 19:54

    You said “lost copy a-team had”… What happened?
    PS. Everybody cross your fingers for better raws to appear soon. Seeing too much fingers is bad for health. So, if someone is from Korea, please scan it.
    By: Kemm on 2010, 03, 10 @ 19:29

    thanks to you for the scanlation!!
    By: aLing on 2010, 03, 10 @ 19:04

    sent you a msg grumpy
    By: Nuralataion on 2010, 03, 10 @ 08:36

    Thxs a lot for the translation 🙂
    By: Val on 2010, 03, 10 @ 02:55

    Happy to see someone doing ID, I had put it on my wish list since it looked like I would die before seeing the end of it, but I have to rethink about that!

    Thanks for your hard work!
    By: tase on 2010, 03, 09 @ 17:19

    By: on 2010, 03, 09 @ 13:57

    Typesetting part 2, lotsa text but I should be able to finish in the next day or 2.
    By: Nuralataion on 2010, 03, 09 @ 10:12

    Good work guys! Keep on going!
    By: Nightblaze17 on 2010, 03, 09 @ 01:40

    Grumpy & Nuralataion- Thanks again guys 4 the continued release. gg
    By: MaxMan on 2010, 03, 08 @ 04:21

    I sent you the translation for next part.
    By: Grumpy on 2010, 03, 08 @ 01:40

    lol I wasnt really planning to trans any yesterday… Now I find myself sleeping too little again… And I got closed beta invite to Starcraft 2… o.O
    By: Grumpy on 2010, 03, 08 @ 17:14

    Woot! first part of Id up, thanks Grumpy for the trans. =^) I can also do some of the typesetting work if you want (and tell me the fonts I need).
    By: Nuralataion on 2010, 03, 07 @ 23:30

    Thank you for the ID chapters!
    By: anthony on 2010, 03, 07 @ 15:05

    @thegokyo: If you can get better 14 raws, it would be really great. Just upload it somewhere and post the link please. Im not one of those groups that hog onto raws and dont redistrib. Of course, its up to you though.
    By: Grumpy on 2010, 03, 07 @ 11:44

    thank you!!!
    By: Anja on 2010, 03, 07 @ 10:18

    Yay! More Id! THANK YOU!
    By: somehow_here on 2010, 03, 07 @ 08:16

    @crackspider there are no better raws. Unless you can go to korea, buy it, scan it, and upload somewhere. This is what is available..
    By: dex on 2010, 03, 07 @ 07:34

    thanks for doing it but well why these arent even scans these are pictures taken by a camera it makes me cry either get gd scans or dont bother
    By: crackspider on 2010, 03, 07 @ 06:28

    itsutsu kami

    i live in korea now..u need the raws for id i can get them
    By: on 2010, 03, 07 @ 05:48

    Yo, just wanted to throw my voice in here with the rest and pass on my thanks to you for doing this.
    By: Kale on 2010, 03, 07 @ 05:03

    thanks alot, you guys and the manwha are awesome
    By: on 2010, 03, 07 @ 04:12

    Another one ! Thank you !
    By: dex on 2010, 03, 07 @ 03:27

    thanks alot man your are a savior!!!!
    By: dave on 2010, 03, 02 @ 23:51

    Thank you for releasing these chapters.
    By: MaxMan on 2010, 03, 02 @ 00:47

    By: monkey on 2010, 03, 02 @ 00:45

    Im fairly certain the A-Team has a real scanner that does it for them exclusively, cause vol14 is just terrible.

    By: Kogi on 2010, 03, 02 @ 00:30

    yea. the one on crazy is the same one as every other one. I ve literally downloaded vol 14 from around 30 different sources only to get the same one over and over again. It is assumable that the only one floating on the web is that one – minus the lost copy a-team had. It is also the reason no one ever scanlated till now.
    By: Grumpy on 2010, 03, 01 @ 22:59

    @zave the link you pointed to has the same raws for vl 14 as far as i can see it
    By: dex on 2010, 03, 01 @ 22:52

    why do you use such bad raws for your work?
    here you can find volume scans:
    By: Zave on 2010, 03, 01 @ 21:45

    THANK YOU!!! YOU ARE awesome!
    By: Anja on 2010, 03, 01 @ 18:36

    just thanks
    By: yersah on 2010, 03, 01 @ 16:39

    @Maiwema. Technically, they only have 24hr gap between the 2 releases, so it was 2 releases in 1 day. lol

    I probably won’t release another for a week though, busy schedule.

    @Kogi. I put my email up if you want to have another method to contact me, but, if you want, you can just rip the translations from mine and make v2.
    By: Grumpy on 2010, 03, 01 @ 10:58

    I thought I should post here, too! Thank you! Do you know how much I love you right now!! TONS!
    By: somehow_here on 2010, 03, 01 @ 07:30

    also, this is my attempt at trying to get ahold of you. another method would be great though.
    By: Kogi on 2010, 03, 01 @ 04:15

    GO GRUMPY! dling raws to see if i can clean them up a bit. that finger is really annoying……..
    By: Kogi on 2010, 03, 01 @ 04:06

    plz continue your hard work! so many has waited so long for new Id chapters!
    By: Id lover on 2010, 03, 01 @ 03:54

    Thx u so much 4 the releases.Been waiting for it.
    By: cxtoni on 2010, 03, 01 @ 02:00

    u got 87 &88 released in 2 days….nice!
    By: Maiwema on 2010, 03, 01 @ 01:58

    Yes! I love ID, thank you I appreciate it
    By: Max on 2010, 02, 28 @ 23:51

    Thanx for doing ID! Nice to see that someone is continuing it. Will you be doing chapter 86 as well? It would be nice since that is the only chapter that no one else has done so far.
    – 86 is here: ~~Grumpy

    Holy S… another chapter of this epic story? Cant say thanks enough ~dex

    Thanks for this!! 🙂
    – bumblebee

    Thank you so much! I have been waiting for ever! For the next chapter!

    i love you man~thanks for translating ID ^^

    more ID finally ^___^ ur work is very much appreciated -Janelea


    Appreciate all the hard work! Thanks!


    let me hug you for all your work!!!

    Thank you very much~

    Thanks a lot! As you said, no one else has done it for a long time 🙂 Very appreciated ^^

    Thanks! much appreciated -josh

    yay Id! 😀

    awesome !!!! Thank you ! <3 Id !

    1st thx n are u will continue to scan id till it over?

    Thank you, what about chp. 86 - it isnt translatet yet, are u willing to do it too?
    - you can get 86 from mangafox. Jun9008 has already released that. Tho, I dunno why he made it exclusive to mangafox. ~Grumps

    THANK YOU! I just love this series! I was so sad that no one was continuing this wonderful series...but you came along! One chapter closer to end of series! Thank for your excellent work!


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