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  1. Lol, for a second I thought that you posted the Ch 4 txt. I was worried I would have to work (just got the new FF).

  2. well thanks for the previous 3 chapters i just wanted to let you know that while i was still searching for decent raw for vol14 which seams not to exist i started cleaning vol 15 so if you want I can work with you on cleaning typseting p.s i would have offered my help sooner but my laptop was dead XD anyway have a good day

  3. Even tried to go on emule in hope of finding something.. And I did a 58mb vol 14 with only 1 person having it.. no luck connecting to him under the whole week though.

    I think one can endure vol14 just because Id is too good =)

  4. Heh, the public outcry for better raw of 14 is quite astounding. 😛 But yea, I downloaded large number of copies to only get the same ones or fakes.

    @ CFW, if you have already cleaned vol 15, I will take it (for now), but I’m not really planning on doing it right now. My schedule is going to pick up and since it’s no longer the ‘untouchable’ quality, I’m assuming there’s a very small chance some group will pick it up.

    Additionally, I’m implementing a completely different philosophy in scanlating than every other group. I (or we) am not planning to keep the cleaned version to myself, nor the translation or any one piece of it private. Every piece by piece is publicly available (assuming there is such a piece). So, you can just post a link to cleaned version here if you want or pm me after registering here. Also, another group can just as easily take any one piece of it to use it for their version of scanlation, be it another language or just a better/worse version. Which hopefully inspires others to pick up where I left off.

    So, there’s no fighting of “this is mine, you can’t take it”, but “everyone, you can use it — just give credits”.

    1. I 2nd that motion, I’m just happy if someone out there is scanlating (because its a good story and I cant read Korean).

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