Id vol14 ch4

이드 만화This is the last chapter of volume 14!!! yay!!

Oh, I forgot to write on the creds page. This is not a side story. From vol14 and on, the last chapter highlights what happened to Id prior to coming to the alternate universe and how he came about to this other place.

Please read the creds page’s long wall of text. kthxbai. 😛

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Id Vol 14, ch 4 (aka 90) Mediafire 4shared Megaupload Grumpyland

P.S. It seems barely any people actually click on 4shared link. It’s not bad. lol

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  1. wow great job. im dying to know what happen. well i got the raw but it seem like im guessing what happen, now i can see if my guess is right

  2. Hey great job with ID so far. Maybe you can consider giving Unbalance X Unbalance a nudge?

  3. A Korean-English translator w/out a project? O.o I’m currently the only member of my group (cleaner) and I’m trying to recruit a translator for Goong. I have reasonable Raws for the next 3 volumes. (and already finished cleaning several chapters)

    The last 8 1/2 volumes have seen TEN different scan groups – I’m trying to start number eleven.

    1. I honestly question my ability to be a good shoujo translator. xD
      But if I do translate it, you will probably have to make the 12th group pretty soon. I’m not willing to stick around long term.

      Is that fine with u?

      1. That’s ok – I’m hunting translators in other areas too. It just at a cliffhanger right now and I really, really, REALLY want to find out what they are saying! My email is in the previous post – give me a place to send the link for the raws. I have a line on a typesetter or 5 already. Its just translators that are hard to find.

        (and it more politics then shojo anyway)

  4. Grumpy, I would like to get in contact with you via IRC (or whatever is good for you). I want to ask you something about the ID scanlation.

    1. I don’t use irc regularly… infact, I hate irc pretty much. lol I have no idea why all the other grps use irc so much. 😛

      If it’s nothing secret, just post here. And/or if it is secret, you can register here and send me a PM (there’s pm function if u register). If none of that is good enough for you, I may be online with gmail. ID is <>… If you’re going to email me tho, email me at <>.

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