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    1. There are actually scans and not cams for v15. XD But, don’t expect them from me. lol for now anyways.

      Unfortunately, there are also other chapters with only bad cam job. 🙁

  1. Hey, got a bad link in ddl. If I take the one for another chapter and change the name, it works, but with the one of this post, it doesn’t.

    Also… Id has novels? Where? Is anyone translating them? Will anyone translate them?

    1. Fixed for link prob. Thanks for reporting. 🙂
      And Nura beat me to answering about novels. lol
      They do take somewhat different turns tho…

      1. Glad you fixed the link, I was about to attempt to stumble around and fix it but now I don’t have to =^D.

        1. It was broken at a very low level where I have hotlink protection caught it b/c this is a new domain (manhwa.grumpyland.com). lol I added it to the list. hehe.

    1. Lol, really depends on how busy me and grumpy are but we’re probably going to stop after this volume, we just did it because nobody wanted to touch the cursed “bad raws.” =^)

  2. Thanks for the last part of chapter 3.

    Grumpy and Nura: thanks for not leaving this series in limbo while we wait for ‘a-team’. 🙂

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