New Name, Kubera ch1 & Zippy Ziggy ch36!!!

Ah!!! So many things this time!

First, we got a new name!!!

Thanks to all those participated in giving us a suggestion. In the end, I (Grumpy) WIN!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA- *cough* *cough* HAHAHA!! Because I have power over all! Rawr~~

Actually, it was the most popular out of the choices and it really does represent us already. So, no one gets the prize — which I was thinking of Zippy Ziggy volume 1. But as I searched through potential prizes, I really came to realize why every single contest out there has such restrictive zone requirements. Shipping and customs. The two things that becomes a nightmare the moment it leaves your country. sob… So, even if I was going to give prizes, we may have ended up with lot of restrictions.

You guys probably don’t care about my rants. So, Kubera’s up next!!!


Scanlation English
Download Ch1
Read Online Ch1

We have a new member for Kubera. His (I think him) name is oculus of deus. He will be in charge of cleaning Kubera and QC’ing it. Though, nura did this one.

Without much further adieu…

Zippy Ziggy

Scanlation English
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Clean, Type, TL  English Korea
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Wow, it’s like new members galore. We have Latpuertorican who joined some time ago but you probably haven’t seen his name much. He’s in charge of QC for ZZ~~ (more like QC in general) And we also go Mako who’s typesetting for us! Zippy was stuck for a while b/c we didn’t get one. 🙁

Welcome to all the new members and a new name to house us all.

37 Responses

    1. Hey kubera is really good, the evolution of the name from Grumpy & Co. to The Company was quite… awesome ohhh and i spot an error in zippy clearly my mistake…

  1. congrats to you all for the new name and members =)
    and many thanks for your fantastic work on zippy ziggy so far and now 🙂

  2. so whats the joke,the [Grumpy]_Kubera_ch01 have only 3 long images?
    thats not funny at all

    1. I just realized the files names are tagged Grumpy. lol~~~

      That’s how all the webtoons are like mako said. Kubera, thesis, tower of god, etc.

  3. Does the name come from the evil organization, featured in the TV show Prison Break?

      1. Want to know more, that guy looks rather cool. I think this will be an interesting new antagonist!
        Can’t wait for the rest……

  4. Well, I don’t like that new series, I’m afraid it will ends up as classic love story…
    I want to try this one(“폭풍의 전학생”), don’t know if it’s a good one( I don’t understand a word of korean).

    1. Correction, seems to become interesting( checked raw), only a failure of an introduction.

      Oh please do something about that recaptcha, I’m a bit annoyed by typing everytime some words were I need a lot of time to encrypt…
      A four letter word like on MU, would be nicer?

      1. 4 letters on MU is extremely easily guessed by bots. Actually, there are number of greasemonkey scripts that even type it for you. lol

        If you register, there’s no captcha. So you can do that. Or, you should use our forums. Comments for everything is rather messy. If you wanna view it “clean” like someone wanted (maybe it was you), just turn off signatures and things in your settings.

  5. umm if you want, i have whole kubera chapers in good qualities.
    i can send these to your email 🙂

          1. coz the i=one you have iz really bad quaities -.-
            i have the account and i can scrap the comics
            so i have the high qauities

    1. I have naver account too, but you don’t even need to login to get them… And I don’t understand what you’re saying either. If you’re Korean, you can leave a message in Korean instead if it’ll help. Lastly, I don’t see how the version I have is “really bad” as they’re the official release as is.

      1. Oh but to me, it looks really poor
        the colours are too cracked and all that
        if thats how it is than im sorry becoz i know that currygom’s image is more clear than wat on the mangafox but im sorry
        i am big fan of kubera n i just wanted kubera to be in good quitlies

        1. mangafox compresses the images automatically when they’re uploaded on their servers. So, your complaint is about mangafox, not us. You can use our reader to view them. We don’t use heavy compression.

          1. OOO im so sorry!!!!
            i didnt (never) knew dat!!!!

            btw i love 신쿠리즈 -v-

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