Tower of God, Chapter 13

Chapter 13 of Tower of God. Enjoy!

He’s crying b/c someone complained that this release was 1 day late.

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      1. like in some other releases I just happened to open the page at the right time
        ohh and by the way thanks for the work Grumpy, nura and tsaubern (did i get that right?)

    1. Maybe I did cause you to rush.
      I actually wanted to point this out.

      “But Mr. Koon. This world will not wait for you, till you’ve got an answer. Although all these doors were correct answers, after a few moments, they become YOU death”

      The you error is obvious but I am not sure is it grammatically correct to say
      “wait for you, till you’ve got an answer”?

      Maybe it is better if it was
      This world will not wait until you find an answer.

      I want to learn something, I hope this isn’t offending you.
      Thx again.

    2. One more can you tell me if its correct why is it?
      “Then let us end this test here and DEPART here for now”
      It just doesn’t sound right to me.

      Should the second here be non existent?

      If you mind me posting so much plz tell me because one more is coming.

  1. Ok this is a question related to the story.

    Who is that girl in the end. The group of 3 people.
    Could it be Lahel?
    Its hard to tell

    1. We don’t know who that is.
      And if you want to QC, you can apply for a QC position instead. Pointing afterwards is pretty much just too late.

  2. Hey, could you guys try cutting the pages up into a more viewable format? I have 3 image viewers on my computer, but reading these long pages on any of them is quite a hassle.

    1. No, more people prefer this. I don’t know what image viewer you use, but cdisplay (old and new) works fine with it. Or just read it online.

  3. Thank you staff for all your great work.

    I have to admit this chapter was a little boring however there is one thing I really liked. Mr. Blue hair got a smirky remark from the lady about his bag being heavy. That’s giving me hope that there’s a lot more to that than simply being a bag with just metal in it. It would be weird for someone like her to make a remark like that if it was as simple as that.

  4. Ha ha. I wasn’t expecting the test requirements at all. And the people at the end of the of the webtoon, how fast did they kill everyone before the ranker noticed that over half the people was killed?

  5. Thanks for the chapter everyone! Not much seems to have happened but there’s no preview of the next room so I wonder what’s going on next.

  6. Hey I’M SO GLAD i started reading this, it ROCKS. Thanks so much for the translations and cleaning!

    by the way why are all the chapters called chpaters? I think its cool tho ^^

  7. This is turning out to be pretty epic. If you were watching closely you would see that out of those three is a young blong that looks like Lahel, the girl Bamm is trying to save. Not only that but they all these monsters are definitely going to be on there own team. So of course they are going to have to fight Bamm’s team with the alligator fighting the huge hatch guy in a battle of giants and Bamm is going to have to fight the girl he is trying to save in order to pass the test. Aside from this definite plot route I also speculate that the only way these three could be this strong is if one if not all of them are irregulars. If it is indeed Lahel than that would mean it has one irregular. But the reason im saying they have to be irregulars is cause the other two strongest characters in the show being the lizard girl and her skilled teammate were not able to kill everyone and they do look the strongest out of this batch. So these guys must be stronger and being irregulars would help this image.

    1. That may be lahel But the black march and lahel look similar as well. As a result nothing definite. Also I think the blue hair guy is hiding something amazing that he can do. He’s not just ex-politics and brilliant. I think he could take the croc easily if they were both as serious as they could be. The other tests instructor even went as far as to say not to associate with him as he comes from a dangerous bloodline. You really shouldn’t be taking him out of the strong category just yet. Also Shinsoo doesn’t seem to effect Bam and he has the black march atm to boot. We also don’t know what other things he might be capable of. I think that in the end the croc is the weakest link on their team. You should understand not enough is known.

      I’m adding like this because you were saying it like it’s what out there as a fact. You need to add to what you say it’s just a theory or something that indicates that : )

  8. to add to this also the guy on the left in the team that passed also has a bag just like Bamm’s teamate. So yeah they are 100 percent definitely going to have to fight.

  9. Hi!

    There is an empty buble in the vol1 cpahter 13.: “..Uh.. it does seems like it…” after that what they say?
    Thank your great work ^^

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