Forums for Grumpy & Co.~~!

Forums have been created for Grumpy & Co.~~~!

I noticed that I’ve started getting quite a number of comments other than the awesome “thanks”. I’ve also noticed that I’m missing some important comments. So, I’ve decided to open up a forum. Hopefully, this will give better environment for everyone to chit chat.

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    1. are you sure that opening a forum is really a good idea? most forums are full of spam and endless topics (spam as well), lots of inactive users (storage spam), spambot (spam haha) and did I mention spam already?

      …Well whatever, even so I’m going to register and post at the current chapter discussion or the chapter X topic

      1. never tried spam, heard its good fried…
        *decides he needs bacon and goes off to cook*

      2. I actually find spam tasty.

        Incase of spam bots… I think I’ve added enough stuff. As for lots of inactive users and what not… If I was a company, that’s actually a $$ asset. lol

  1. YOU BLOCKED ME OUT OF THE FORUMS!! YOU GIT! Lol, all I can do is look at it, I cant even view my own profile. (T-T)

    1. how bout a gobshite?
      ^not trying to be offensive, just thinking of Irish curses he’s been called/calls people when mad.

      1. no i like this definition of git
        3. A pubescent kid who thinks it’s totally cool to act like a moron on the internet, only because no one can actually reach through the screen and punch their lights out.

        Also i am not a pubescent kid

  2. I dont know how you feel about some of the adult signatures your forums has.

    On the other hand I do know forums that care.
    Especially mako’s sig

    1. Yes, I’ve seen it. lol
      I’ll tell him to take it down if there’s a complaint. Is that a complaint? It’s not that bad. I don’t want anyone to have hardcore stuff tho.

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