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  1. thx for the chapter i love this manwha. this manwha and tower of god is the only reason why i bookmark this site.

    yes the reason why i post here so much is because i bookmark this site!

    1. Do we do anything besides Ziggy or ToG? (yes, I know we actually have another project, I’m being sarcastic)

      1. yeah i looked u have like 9 thing your tranlating tower of god and zippy Ziggy are the ones u tranlate the most and are the best.
        well if u started tranlating id i would happy.
        it has been too long since i read id
        (i am starting to have withdraw symptoms)

        1. and just as you post that, A-team releases Id. Anyway, grumpy tends to do chapters of this and that every once in a while, I don’t really count those as he’s not actively working on them (as far as I know).

          1. Yeah…. we only got 3 active proj. Maybe 4… I think I’ll drop thesis. Not just angryfan, but I think more ppl will appreciate another ZZ chapter being released rather than thesis. And it’s not looking that great either. Thesis just started few weeks ago. Maybe i’ll change my mind if it turns out to be epic like ToG.

          2. Grumpy…=.=
            ur gonna drop thesis?? do u realize that thesis has higher ranking than NGH in MF???? and ur gonna drop thesis and not NGH??

            …=.= if u drop thesis.. we have to do the one i suggested.. take ur pick 😛

  2. Thanks for the release! Funny chapter.
    Too scared to try my hand at typesetting. I know I’d suck the big one despite having PS CS5. I’d end up being the sole reason we (USA) go to war with Korea again :p

  3. by the way i comment on this site alot is there any way i can change my face to a monkey shaking his head avatar that i found on another scanlating site???????

  4. grumpy what do you do for a living because this site is really good has to my # 1 translation site

    also you do good work on this site it is hard to post mean comments

    I figured that i didn’t have to post multiple comment after i post like 4 of them

    1. I’m in software – mostly Internet. So, something like this site is right up my alley. But I’m not a designer (I only do that a little, maybe as a hobby as my skills aren’t enough to be a professional and it pays less than what I normally do. lol). This site probably looks good b/c I chose a nice template and I put enough effort to keep the main pictures in.

  5. thanks for the update,

    (Note by Grumpy: If you use fake email addr like that, spam filter catches you as spam)

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