Tower of God ch12

Chapter 12 of Tower of God. Enjoy!

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  1. Ah! Just what the doctor-err, my mind needed! I couldn’t wait for the next chapter! I been curious to see what happens next! Probable another cliffhanger! Anyway, thanks for excellent release!

  2. Thank you grumpy you are King in what you do i have respect for all yes yes yes yes i dooooo! the release is what i need

  3. I t looked like a pain in the a** to translate this…
    Seems, like the author(s) were a bit lazy with the drawings, so they added a lot of balloons.

    1. It wasn’t that bad. The #1 worst translation I had to do was Phantom king chapter 2, first part. It had horrible engrish everywhere in the original and even korean parts are made confusing on purpose. So, a bubble took like a minute each. >.> They stuck the worst part on me…

      Also, crappy raws with tiny text are also really frustrating. Even tho this has tiny text, the raw is good enough quality to at least make a good guess. Crappy text is prominent in raws floating around in the web.

  4. OMG! That text has to be ridiculously hard to TL on the first page. Then trying to typeset it… damn. I commend your efforts. Good job and thanks for another release. ^_^

  5. Thank you very much for this wonder chapter.
    I liked how I got a concept of the past within other main characters. Well the ending was a bit of a cliffhanger but the fact that the Bam was right next to the guy at the time is making me think there was a chance he sensed something(like he did with the lizard girl)…

  6. Thanks again.
    Grumpy if you feel like your up to it, you might want to change the smileys.
    Its kind of overused.

  7. Just read up to here, so thanks for all the chapters so far. It’s a pretty good series so I’m glad someone’s putting in the effort to translate it.

  8. I just have nothing to do. I blame you!!!
    I wish saying \Translate the next chapter slowpokes\ will make you translate it but sadly it doesn’t.

    Btw One Piece is back and the new chapter is great. So that covers for your shortcomings.

    And also The book \The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo\ is a great read.
    I just finished it. Going to read the next one as soon as I can.
    There us a googleBook version of the series in English. Its a preview and its missing a couple of the pages.
    And I just might read it online

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