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Okay, I actually wrote a semi-lengthy review on IE9 and why you should try it. But…. fuck…. fail…. and yes, I realize this is a manhwa site and this is not about manhwa.

IE9 seems extremely incompatible with wordpress’ WYSIWYG and just threw out my entire article. Thanks IE9.

But longer version in short, IE9 uses GPU as well as CPU, so rendering is extremely fast and actually supports HTML5 and gets a reasonable score on Acid test. Psychedelic test on resolution 1920×1080 scored 1810 on IE9, 78 on Opera, 25 on Firefox. Incomparably better, yes?

But as my experience says, this beta is really crappy if you’re going to use with wordpress. If you’re making an HTML5 site, it’s probably your best friend.

Try it out if you want. But bit of warning, it will replace your existing IE even though it’s a beta test… But then again, it only affects 16% of my readers b/c that’s how much IE ppl I get.

Once it’s actually (reasonably) bug free, I think it if the first IE ever that is worthy of anticipation.

Now… If only they had “/” search and number of other keybindings (or even better, manual keybinding), IE9 would actually be usable. Also, Grumpy is grumpy about stupid messages at the top of the screen saying popup blocked/any message. It moves my screen and I freaking hate it. And pop up is the worst… It reloads the page just so I can get a popup back. Ever wondered if reloading a page may be harmful? Opera has the best solution, you just click the message and it opens the prevented popup. And I can have all the dialogs show at the bottom, so it doesn’t move the page. 😛 And yes, I love Opera.

– Grumpy

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  1. Heh, even if it’s not manwa, it’s cool to hear about what you’re up to every now and then~

    I’m really tempted to switch over to IE9 after it comes out of beta, but not until it has addons like what I’m using in Firefox.

    (Would like to switch to Opera actually, if it had certain addons too…)

    1. The beauty of opera is that it doesn’t need additional addons. About every single addon I WOULD get for firefox already exists built into opera. Though, bit annoying to use greasemonkey scripts on Opera… :-/ And if firefox were to carry all the addons Opera had, it would become quite heavy weight and horrible to use on low end boxes like netbooks, whereas Opera is probably the best running browser on a netbook due to its lightweight and a very good keyboard navigation, removing the need of a touchpad usage entirely. Chrome is also lightweight, but I find keyboard mapping to be bit more straining and numerous-multi-tab on chrome is actually heaviest weight out of all browsers.

      1. hmm…interesting, I know my mom uses it but I thought that was just her being old and tech challenged…

  2. i use firefox and i stopped using IE like 6 months ago. ANd i love that Psychedelic test it looked really cool, but i am amazed by the simplest things though.

    Also i hate this code i have to type in to post my comments when i am high and or drunk i have to type up comments like 6 times until i get the code right

  3. Hmmmm… Firefox!!
    IE always crashes and allows loads of adware into my computer and I have Windows 7. IE also puts thoughts into my head like “maybe I should throw my computer off the balcony” and “maybe I should get a Doctorate in neurology while my page loads.” Also, when I sleep after surfing the internet with IE, Bill Gates tells me to kill Steve Jobs in my dreams.

  4. I find it interesting that the MS link “” doesn’t work on IE8… but it does for Opera and Firefox… since this computer is XP, I can’t even try IE9.

  5. I just tried it again with Firefox 4 beta 6 (has hardware acceleration too) on a different Windows 7 laptop. This is a laptop with a smaller screen and it has integrated graphics and the number was 1120. I think if you tried it with the latest Firefox 4, you won’t see such a huge discrepancy. I’ll install IE9 and see how it does on this laptop.

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