Zippy Ziggy Ch34

Hello, Shin has joined the crew to clean Zippy Ziggy and is going at lightening speed. His way of cleaning is quite different from mine, so I hope people still enjoy and also thank Shin for his hard work. 🙂

But, we need a dedicated typesetter!!! So, if you’re interested, please apply!!!

If the download link points to nowhere, just wait or use the alternative. Things may be still in processing.

Scanlation English
Read Online Manga Toshokan
Clean, Type  English Korea
Download (PSD)
Read Online

24 Responses

  1. Thank you very much for the release. *_* Now, it starts getting to the “action”.

    And nice new site look you have here. I can also see that you are using proper naming for the files now. Trying to make everything more professional-like?

  2. You guys are the reason I know what manhwa is. Never drop this series and keep up the great work!
    …maybe find a new proofreader (^♦^)

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