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        ^its early and hes bored….

  1. wiiiiiiiii gotta hurry and read fast in order to post a comment that makes sense

    thanks grumpy and nura

    1. wow, your fast mako, enjoy.

      p.s. Idk if I love your avatar or whether it creeps me out…=^D

      1. haha I know that why I like it

        woah this chapter was or at least felt longer than usual (no grumpy I’m not talking about the time it took to be released).

        so baam and lahel used to live on a cave that actually is part of the tower? if not how did she get in? unless both baam and lahel are irregulars.

  2. Just want to thank both Grumpy and Nura for a story that I’m looking forward to reading every week! Can’t til next week 🙂

  3. Thanks a lot for the translation Grumpy and Nura. I really enjoy all of the projects you do. You definitely have good taste.

    Also, I was wondering if you are still translating ID. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask but I wasn’t sure where else to do so.

    1. yeah, we were really only doing it because A-team was on an indefinite break and nobody else wanted to pick it up because the raws were horrendous. Believe me, I’m suffering too due to the lack of chapters and no clear reasoning…

  4. thanks for the update, i was going crazy without tower of god i was gonna give an angry message to to hurry up

  5. @grumphy

    you weren’t th only one with a bad week, me to, I couldn’t sleep probably because of a double test with important stuff depending on it.
    And on top of it, that whole day was supposed to be my birthday… off course it was ruined…

    I hope you’ve got a better week coming now.

    1. Lol, I don’t know exactly how grumpy’s week went but that little splurge at the bottom was written by the creator of ToG, SIU, not us.

      I do hope this next week is better for you, regardless.

  6. my bad week started when i saw a poetry contest in the onemanga forums i was gonna post a really mean message under the name of meanfan but i wanted it to be anonymous so i made a new yahoo page so i could put my email address in after i made the yahoo email account and made me an onemanga i had lost the will to post a mean message so i was left and angry and frustrated for not relieving my angry for not posting a mean message

  7. Hey, thanks guys, for uploading this. Highlight of my day =D.

    And the third page, it’s ‘violates’, not ‘voilates”, right?

    1. *waves hand* you do not see spelling or grammatical mistakes. these are not the droids your looking for…

      sry, felt like being a dork, we’ll get to it at some point…maybe…

  8. Thank you very much for the release grumpy and nura.

    I loved How that ranker acts completely different from how you would assume someone who has killed so many to get to the top would have. He’s a complete dork lol

  9. Hey Grumpy…damn, seems like you’re really picking up the pace with scanlations. Good on you! Liking the new new series. 😀 Hope things work out well for you in the future as well.

  10. Just started reading this series, it is also different from the other mangas ive read style and all, but man i AM LOVING IT thnx for the release.

  11. THIS MANHWA IS SO COOL!!! thanks I love it and its so artistic, beautiful, and good plot. I hope it doesn’t drag on forever but lead in a good way. Thanks for your hard work!!

  12. Thanks for the work, loving this series. But just wondering… I know you guys said the raws come out on Sunday, but how long does it usually take to get the chapter put up on your site?

    1. It depends on how fast I clean it, and that depends on how busy my week is, unfortunately for you, this weeks chap (I’m assuming) will be later than the previous two for 4 reasons: A. I have a big test on Monday. B. I have a paper due Tuesday. C. Halo comes out Tuesday. D. Verbal cues from the author point to this chap being longer than usual, thus more time to scanlate.

      Grumpy usually TL and TS 2 days after I finish cleaning, then I QC that night, he corrects and it gets released. All this depends on our schedules, however.

      1. And this week’s chapter sure is long… lets hope it’s worth the wait and be sure to come back every week for a good read or go and spoil yourself (like me) and watch the raw.

        1. Alright thanks a bunch. And thanks mako for the tip lol. I’ll change my picture later.

  13. Just wanted to compliment you on a great choice of manwha to translate. Without a doubt one of the coolest new mangas like, ever. =)

    Keep up the good work

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