Tower of God Ch0-2 (Again)


If you’re getting all excited that ToG is already up… don’t feel too excited. :/

This is just chapters 0 to 2 revisited. I’ve recombined the split up images and erased the Korean bubbles left out as I forgot ’em before. I think it was rather shameful to be leaving them in such manner, so I’ve corrected them. Changes are very minor, so I’m calling this version 1.2 rather than a full version 2.0! lol

ScanlationĀ English
Download Ch0-2
Read Online Ch0-2 Batoto

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  3. Hey mr grumpy thanks for the newer versions… just one thing there is a typo when evan and yuri are talking about baam and goes like this: “Something certinaly is strnage..” and some panels later baam says: “Twenty fifith baam!!”

    doesn’t the black march from the last page from ch 9 look a lot like lahel?

  4. Another typo:

    Chapter 2, Page 5, picture 14: It’s an ‘A’ Grade, bit too [b]prestigeous[/b] ( it’s prestigious)

    I pay respect to your good work šŸ˜‰ Thanks

          1. well as they turn bigger and bigger we can assume that lero got skin cancer… or those two are some sort of magical orbs attached to his cheeks or anti sun cancer mole covering dots

  5. You’re doing great as always Grumpy. I just learned about you guys and read every chapter you have up until now on Tower of God. I’m a huge fan of the series and what you do with it.

    @Mako I agree with your observation. I thought the same thing the moment I saw that. Now the first guardian would’t tell him what happened to Lahel. Yet he was insistent that Bam use the Black March knowing full well of what it is and what could happen to the princess. I’m having a feeling that is actually Lahel infused into a sword although Lahel would lose her memories in that case and only her personality would remain. She was always kind to Bam but their was never any indication how she acted towards women. We don’t know if time acts the same outside and inside the tower and we don’t know how soon the Princess received the Black March. This however is just a guess so don’t just assume it’s the truth.

  6. Sorry for the double post but since this is the first time I saw you guys, Is there some kind of release schedule for Tower of God?

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