Space China Dress (Print Ver.) – Update


We’ve received word from Won Hyun-Jae (artist of SCD) kindly asking us to stop scanlation of the series, Space China Dress – the print version. Thus, in compliance, we’ve removed all links to Space China Dress (print) on our website and will be subsequently be removing them from Batoto as well.

It’s a bit unfortunate since the next chapter was just itching to get out, but oh well. 😛

We’ll be continuing the webtoon version only for SCD instead as he said was specific in pointing out ONLY the print version’s takedown. Although Naver does have the say as well, but they haven’t said anything. 😛 We will continue to link, as always, to the original version on Naver whenever we make our releases of the webtoon version.

And as any scanlator always says, please support the author by buying a copy if/when you can.


4 Responses

  1. BRB, committing seppuku. (To clarify this, I’m not angry at the artist, per se, but just sad that my work has gone to waste. Chapter 5 was literally 95% done and ready to release…)

    1. Well, look on the bright side, now you only have to scanlate one version. 😮 And the author didn’t say anything about the webtoon version, which is nice. (I admit I feel super relieved that there wasn’t a take-down notice for TOG or Kubera, gah!)

  2. While it’s a blow to the progress of SCD, I’m glad that Mr. Author is happy with you guys translating the webtoon version.

  3. Can’t blame him Because translated version = less money, Naver is more views = more money. Authors need support to!

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