Space China Dress – Webtoon – Ch1

So, we buy the volume books for Space China Dress and I start scanning them so that we can continue doing the series. And then Naver comes out with a COLOR version that’s FREE. It makes my work almost go to waste.


Anyway, here’s the webtoon (color) version of Chapter 1. We plan to do both the comic and webtoon versions of SCD at the moment.

Original at Naver:



Space China Dress Webtoon English
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Ch 1

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  1. Don’t worry mang, I still like the manga version more because it’s more well drawn. Plus we got to read it in advance! Thanks! Even though the composition and flow is largely preserved in the colored webtoon version, they managed to lose something in the process.

    1. The webtoon uses the same lines as the original, though, so I’m not quite sure how either could be drawn better than the other…?

      I don’t think the composition flows quite as well in the webtoon, either, though.

  2. We appreciate all the work you’ve put into it until now. ^^; Look at it from the bright side: now you no longer have to buy it! Wait… you’re planning to do Both versions now? D:

    1. For webtoon, this is the only chapter out. For print, it’s at vol 3. We already have up to vol 3 in two different versions (both bought).

  3. Your work didn’t go to waste, think of all the happy lurkers who are cheering behind their screens right now 🙂

  4. Looks like sales aren’t going well with published series these days:(
    Looking forward to this! 😀

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