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  1. AHAHA oh gosh the next arc is gonna be good, I must prepare myself. Thanks for the chapter guys!

  2. hahaha, that was great!

    Thanks for the chapter!

    (( I’m waiting for a moment like where they encounter a dangerous beast:
    Leez: “AHHHHHH”
    Asha: “Don’t worry. This job is better suited for a man..”
    Ran and Asha stare at each other expectantly….
    Asha: “What are you doing! Kill it”
    Ran: “But you just said … I thought you were going to kill it! You’re the super magician!”
    Asha: “WTF are you talking about!? I’m a woma..”
    *** monster attacks*
    *** corpses everywhere*

  3. Now this chapter ranks high in my list as a good one, much better then one a couple chapters or so ago that everyone spoke so highly of.

    I can’t wait till Ran witnesses “the kids” strength or something. The other one is wearing the earrings which lock his strength and taking them off and using said strength would be a big reveal, but nothing holds back Leez from using here strength/bracelet, she even uses it in her sleep.

    1. It’s weird that she can use the bracelet unconsciously by the way, wasnt it’s purpose to let her control her strength ?

  4. Jawangan, I can imagine Asha bossing someone around, and sending them to do the dirty work, but I can not imagine Asha saying “This job is better suited for a man”. Especially when it comes to casting combat spells. For you to think that is a remote possibility is rather laughable.

  5. Thank you!!! =D Ran made the same mistake than everyone does: Asha isn’t a man, but a woman XD

  6. Excellent chapter!
    Also, I recently got my sister hooked on this. She love Leez’s pummeling fists of fury.


  7. Poor guy, worrying about the “little kids”, when he’s the weakest of the lot… x’D

  8. Ran must’ve been serious with his letter and all but ashdaadada him thinking Asha’s a guy was just hilarious =))))))

  9. The next arc is the 10th episode/arc of Kubera … I’m hoping for some more fights & great comedy! =)

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