Pray for Japan (GB, NGH, ToG)

Naver has this section called Pray for Japan ( where various webtoon artists post a short prayer for Japan about the recent incident of the Earthquake + Tsunami. And here are the ones for the series we translate.

Scanlation English
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임진국/정재한 authors of Green Boy
Miti author of Nam Gi-han
SIU author of Tower of God

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  1. I love the one by the author of tower of god. “nothing can grip us more strongly than love…” so poignant and true. thank you guys for sharing, and i wish the best for japan as well.

  2. I’m amused that in the 4 most popular series thingy, two of them are ToG and GB plastered with a picture of ngh and friend. : D

  3. Ir’s awesome that the Koreans can forget about their sketchy past with Japan to come and support them during their worst disaster in a long time.
    Yay for nationalization! :p

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