Baptist: v1 ch1

So the cursed series comes back to life. Though momentarily. It also seems that Sleet has survived through the experience of Baptist. This release did not go through the usual amount of proof reading and double checking of our work, so it may contain some mistakes (ex. didn’t double check university names/spelling/etc). But, it should still be lot better than the other release of Baptist… (Already noticed that the title page says “memory of blue bond”…. should be blood.)

~ Grumpy

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16 Responses

  1. If it was cursed, surely this series is something.
    Anyway, I really like it. The story from YOO Kyung Won combined with art from MOON Sung Ho is superb.
    Really hope for more releases.

  2. Hmm, this story seems interesting enough.
    I think it’s worth to continue translating it.

  3. Thanks a lot for your work. That was a really interesting first chapter. I would love to see this become a regular project.

  4. I am interested in becoming proofreader/quality checker for this series if it continues…

  5. Wow this was way better than I expected, hope it doesn’t get dropped anymore, and if I’m not imposing too much I’ll hope to see regular releases of this!

  6. wow, it’s good!
    tanks for the release ^.^
    good luck with the curse tought…
    and covertly glorious… any chance of it coming back?

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