Server Move COMPLETE

The migration is complete. If you see this message, it means you are connected to the new server. Congratulations.


Hello everyone,

I realize the server has been performing quite poorly with frequent down times over the past month. Therefore, I will be initiating a migration of server. The old one will be kept as a download/mirror server while the new server will serve the website and another mirror for download. 2 is better than 1, right? 😛

Till the migration is complete, the site may be rolled back.

This DOES NOT mean the site will go down.

This DOES mean if you post something, it may revert to some point in time.

I will post again when the move is complete.

However, note that even if the move is complete you may be connecting to an old server. In such event, you can

  1. Find us on the irc ( We will try to post links to downloads if we release any in the meanwhile.
  2. For windows, open cmd (type “cmd” in run) and then type “ipconfig /flushdns” – without quotes – (only after it’s confirmed for move!! I will try to write that here eventually)
  3. Call your ISP and ask for a re-cache of DNS on The level 1 tech support probably won’t understand what you mean though…

That is all,

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  1. Yay! Thanks so much! I was a bit worried yesterday when I couldn’t access this site despite trying about 7 times throughout the day. Glad that everything will be ok now.

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