Tower of God 23 (Real One)

Okay, mean joke from Oculus aside, here’s finally the real Tower of God chapter 23.



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21 Responses

  1. Already read it before I saw this post… but I’ve visited the link and are keeping it open as I write :p

    bit surprised to realize we’re at the same chapter as the Koreans atm… ^^;

    1. I don’t think anyone is… the art style is a little weak, though it’d be easy to clean.

  2. On the last page, the vertical texts are unreadable. I friggin hate when a weeaboo typesetter sacrifices the readability so it can be like the original. Its just self-peasurement, bothersome for the readers.

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter.

  3. Thanks for the chapter. That is a good idea, I didn’t know I could support the author by doing that, so thanks for the link!

  4. where can we read the blog translations?
    it would be interesting to see what other ppl (from diff countries) are thinking.

  5. Awww,no more towels?

    Haha the next chapter will be out tomorrow xD~

    Good luck and thank you for the hard work!

  6. thnx for ur hard work guys i really appreciate it but chpter 24 raw is out hopefully u guys translate it soon cause i love this manhwa its awesome ;D

  7. what does lahel say?
    what does lahel say?
    what does lahel say?
    in chapter 24 that was released in naver today
    is that girl lahel?
    what does she say?
    just that one bubble pleeeeeeeease

    1. I’m sure you can find out which characters they are and then put it into an online translator.

  8. i got my answer from an friendly web comic comrad ^_^

    run a search in yahoo answers and you’ll find my question. that is if you wanna know.

    hehehe, i know ^_^

    *happy now 🙂

  9. I’m guessing that what Baam said in the last panel…,and the words written in the boxes were… “That..,voice…..LAHEL?”

    It’s just a guess though…

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