Kubera Ch16

After a long~ period of no kub releases, i finally got the time to work on chap 16… /sarcasm off.

would like to thank &god first and foremost for watching over our irc and lumberjack|bot for logging our irc. also would like to thank fembot for volunteering to clean this chap of kubera. um… gosh who am i forgetting… oh right, pedo & mfk~


Also, we have an irc channel now~~!
Come talk to us at irc://irc.ipocalypse.net/thecompany

~~ Grumpy

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10 Responses

  1. oh hey, thanks for the chapter
    but theres a typesetting mistake
    some of agnis text is not orange but green 😉

  2. I recently became a huge fan of this series and I have to say, you’ve done a lovely job on this so far. Keep up the good work! C:

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