We need a new name!!!

Hello everyone! We need a new name!! (LoL, my group members have no idea I’m posting this. I’m such a dictator…)

Why do we need a new name?

  1. The current name is a name of steady evolution of my alias. It is not chosen, it just came about.
  2. It makes me look conceited.
  3. It makes me look like I’m doing all the work… And I even get credited as a single person from time to time by certain folks… This is clearly wrong. There are members here who put in more cumulative hours than I do. Keeping this name just seems so very wrong to me.
  4. Yes, it’s all about me.

What kind of names are you seeking?

  1. Preferably something rated E, for everyone. Cuz that’s what we do.
  2. Something where a .com domain name has not yet been taken. (Cuz we might wanna get it.. eventually… maybe…).
  3. Something completely ambiguous. We don’t want to create limits by naming ourselves a certain way.
  4. Nothing with current members’ name in it.
  5. Nothing with your name in it. Just no names, aliases, nicknames, callsigns, etc, mkay?

Why should you bother participating in this goose chase for a name?

PRIZES!!! What is the prize? I haven’t thought of it yet… I’ll get to it… eventually…. hopefully before we choose a name. lol

Also taking suggestions for this one, nothing too expensive please. In fact, you could suggest what you want along with names. Example: VIP title on forum, get a “special thanks” credit on every release for a month, $5 paypal, etc. If you ask for anything outlandish, I’ll just imagine that you are saying “I want nothing in return for my servitude”.

Make suggestions at our forum:



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  1. I got a couple of names, mostly the names we didn’t take on as our new group name 😀

    1) Nacho Scans : You can even have a sound for this when people enter the site \Nachooooo\ (From Jack Black’s movie, Nacho Libre)
    2) Energizer Bunny Scans : We keep going and going and going…
    3) Or make it an acronym: DYRKWTGNSF Scans > Do You Really Know What This Group Name Stands For Scans

    I’m serious about the names…we actually shortlisted to this!

  2. 1) Black Comedy Group (BCG)
    2) Dark Reaper Scans (DRS)
    3) Manwha Fire Scans (MFS)
    4) Navera Manwha (Well, most stuff comes from Naver)
    5) R.I.P. Manwha
    6) Man Wha-t?
    7) Loved and Hated Scans (L.aHS) (Loved by the readers hated by the Naver)
    8) Ups and Downs Manwha
    9) Simple Manwha Rip
    10) End of the Abyss Scans
    11) Your Favorite Manwha Scans
    12) “Korean name for Shounen” -Scans
    13) Manwha mountain Scans
    14) Final Scans
    15) Manwha Sensei( or Korean word for it)Scans
    16) Amanwha Scans
    17) Manwha take scan
    18) Give me Manwha Scans
    19) Yes! Scans
    20) Co Scans (Grumphy & Co, just remove your name, and it could also be solved)
    21) No worriescan
    22) No name Scans (It’s possible that this already exist)
    23) Wtf manwha
    24) United Scans (No not soccer)
    25) To lazy to give use a name scans
    26) Party Scans
    27) Factory Scans
    28) Fox Scans (Sorry, I had manga fox open)
    29) Land Scans ( Just found the word in your website name)
    30) Party Scans

    666) “Collection of first letters of staff” scans for holding it simple.

    By the way, how do you get that manwha of Zippy Ziggy so nicely scanned. I also tried to scan some manga, but this ended up as a total failure… You don’t rip every page out of it I hope?

    1. I buy digital version. lol
      I don’t scan. 😛 That’s WAY too much work. I’ll never do that. I might ship a book to someone else and tell them to do it tho. lol

      1. How about?

        We Say No To Scans lol

        Or Never Ever Scans

        but seriously say no to those names

        “The Company” sounds good to me though.
        Although it sounds dark and mysterious.

  3. Well, just remember to keep the name simple and perhaps similar to the current one because all of your previous work has been credited to the Grumpy name. (and you don’t want people to think that someone else suddenly took over o.o)

    Maybe you can simply shorten it to G-CO.

  4. Only one viable option:

    The \can a can scan scans\ scanlationgroup

    cancan-scan.com is free.

  5. Well … It’s too much of a bother to login on forums ( especially since it’s so unclear and hard to read because of all the images people place in signatures)

    but from experience i would like to say that two types of names are most proper

    First one is representing your genre / topic most of your series revolve about / you take most liking in or so on… describing “field” of your scanlations… i.e. “Climbing Desires” ( referring to Tower of God)

    Second one is “irrational stuff” for the “heck of it” that appeals to certain group of people…. like “Village Idiot Scanlations = viscans” which brings about a lot of editors and QC-er’s but they have almost no translators…. or “Doko Demo Doa Manga Scanlations” which is in Japanese and means “Where ever i look there are doors Manga Scanlations” it’s a bit funny and it’s “appealing” so they have more jap translators then editors ;p

    Either way name chosen at random is no good in my opinion and should be carefully engineered.

    Hope u find most suiting for u.

  6. Here is a good idea.

    Put music into the site.
    Aka it plays music while your reading manga.
    Not many websites do it though.

  7. -Tower Of Bam
    -Tower Of Ziggy(or zippy)
    -NoLongerGrumpyland(had to say it)

  8. thinking…
    a couple suggestion, how about

    1. thegrumps
    2. grumps gank
    3. desire star scans

  9. How ’bout the “Gyrating Worm Scans” or “Insufferable Bunny Scans”.
    The “Meandering Crab Scans”?

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