Thesis Ch0 – Preview

Thesis by KIM Eun-hyo and KIM Yeong-ji. I’m rather pondering if I should even start this series… With my overloaded work and all… :-/ Oh well… we’ll see. I guess. High probability of being dropped…. just so you know.

And I’ll probably add this series to places like MF/MT/etc AFTER I actually translate a real chapter. Not this 3 liner. lol

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  1. Could you use a screen shot that says more of the lay out?
    Some feather with text don’t say much.
    Thanks for the work.

  2. It -sounds- interesting. Thanks so much for the hard work, I am curious to see what will be in the 1st chapter.

  3. was that it u should have released a little more chapters because i cant understand what it was about u should have released like 3 chapters

  4. hmmm it looks interesting πŸ˜‰ but grumpy can i suggest a webtoon? if ur not planning on translating this, try ‘Supernatural Investigation Department’ series instead ^^ heheee…i saw it in naver and it was great! the art is amazing πŸ˜‰ but unfortunately, can’t understand a word on it :(…hope u consider translating it in the FUTURE πŸ˜€ if you guys have MORE time(of course)…tnx

        1. Seems like raw crossing is translating it
          2 Chapters are out.
          Although in the first 2 chapters the black space was too long.

          1. yeah RX is translating S.I.D now ^^ glad someone finally noticed this webtoon heheee…the length of the black space is a bit too long same with the original format, you can check the raws at naver ^^

  5. also i cant get in contact with the a-team because i am banned from ever speaking their again so can some one else ask them about id and if they plan to keep translating it so i wont get my hopes up that they will tranlate it again

    1. True answer from the depths of the forum:
      “In simple terms? I’m being lazy and putting it off…

      But hey, I’ve done like 5 or so volumes in the past 5 or 6 months. And if ru hadn’t wanted a bunch of releases for the anniversary thing you’d have been none-the-wiser.”

  6. This isn’t the best place to post this but…
    The tower of god is also on raw crossing’s manga reader.
    For I am pretty sure those are your translations as i confirmed a few of the translator notes.
    For like the first 9 chapters, they are without credits to you. But 9-11 onward its there.

    Im not sure how you feel about this.
    Maybe you should feel angry bec they are taking traffic away from your site or
    maybe bec they dont have the credit pages for 9 chapters

    Or maybe you dont care.

    Im just informing you. And maybe you already know πŸ˜€

    1. Thanks for reporting. The fact that they stripped off credits with no references what so ever does piss us (at least me) off. But that’s exactly why I started putting integrated credits pages. But I’m sure other than rawcrossing, there are tons of others out there that will do the same. I’m sure some will even cut the images to get rid of them. But, I neither have the legal power to say stop nor the will to bother. People will take stuff and there’s just not much I can do about it.

  7. Ah, sorry about that, i grab it off somewhere and it doesn’t have a credit page in them?

    It’s not like i delete them myself, i just unpack and upload whatever was in the archive =/

    If you really want the credit page to return, i have to re download the proper version (where can i get them?)

    1. Direct downloads are available from this website at each release pages. Where have you been downloading from? If you are a representative of raw crossing, you should be well aware of as well. They should be your source of information, not some place that strips credits.

  8. Okay should be fixed ;)… I download it from a forum ’cause it was in bulk, rather than single chapter download =]

    Not sure which forum, there’s sure is a lot of them out there, hahaha…

    I don’t usually use because it omitted a lot of stuff, they don’t add commercial releases (which available online) for once…

    Well, if there any other problem, you can contact me, my email is attached with this post πŸ™‚

  9. Question: Why still translated under ‘Grumy and Co’? Wasn’t there a name change?

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