Nam Gi-Han ch5

Chapter 5 of NGH~~ I personally didn’t like this chapter cuz it’s rather full of gibberish… Or I just don’t understand the mindset of a 11yr olds anymore (actually ~10 by western age system – Age in Korea starts at 1, not 0). Anyways, sorry for slow progress these days. I’m either too busy with 1) Work 2) Starcraft 2 😛 3) Er… I got nothing else in my life…. sob… Actually… is taking some time. But doesn’t seem that hopeful right now. At worst case scenario, I’ll just keep doing this as I’m doing now.

I’m also TLing ToG right now if anyone’s wondering when it’s coming out… ZZ will come out when it comes out…. and thesis is on the far far back burner. lol

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  1. i have to say this i hate the manga so much i dont know how i read all the chapters. Everything about this manga is a bad idea o has been done before.

    Am i the only one who thinks this do i have bad tastes.

  2. the only manga worst that this is LORD OF THE RING so go to mangafox and read LORD OF THE RING and compare it to this manga

    1. Then just don’t read it. lol
      Some ppl do like it. It has decent score on MU, so, yeah, it’s just you. But out of all the proj, this is shortest and easiest cleaning. 😛

  3. NGH isn’t so bad ;p chapters are very short but whole idea is refreshing and interesting. And I like humor too


    Mr Grumpy said “5 grps” not “5 people” ;p

    1. guteq, I meant to say groups. Noblesse is like a free-for-all for anyone who can speak korean now lol

      1. well its is know fact that its rather pointless to translate something which is translated already up to date ( well ;p maybe a bit speedy scans)

  4. Most of them are speedy scans lol did it the best. I think they gave up when people went apeshit on doing Noblesse so quickly and crappy at that. They didn’t even go as far as to explain their abscense. I think they are just sick of it lol

  5. Maybe they just got demotivated cause of mass releases ;p and so many ppl doing it. I would at their place at least ;p. Well there are tons of other web toons to take. I hope they will =]

  6. very true. I truly don’t blame them if they quit on that aspect by thinking that it may happen again someday to one of their projects. People need to respect and understand what they do. Their releases were fairly quick and of good quality then came the ambush. bleh

    1. A friend of mine said I could be as good as him in SC if I play 50 games per day for 2 months. He was serious. And he’s actually really good. lol And yes… 50game/day is crazy imo. lol That’s just bye bye to life.

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