Tower of God – Ch9 and Early!!

Yup, there are days when things are fast too! lol (Like OMG, RLY!!) And while you’re downloading… or feeling like wasting time, you can click on Nura’s squiblies… lol I honestly don’t get why ppl do these squibly and their clones…

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Also, bit of a post note, there’s been some delay with few releases recently and that’s b/c of having too much work (real work). And scanlation takes a significant time consumption. But last few days, I had bit of a break and were able to get a few out including this. But looks like the work’s coming back. So, don’t expect things to be this hasty in the near future.

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  1. When I clicked on the article and saw them there I did a double take, lol. I hadn’t read the txt yet and thought my comp was being screwy. I just like the art of some of them, plus, its interesting to see how many people actually click on them when you put them on a forum sig.

    Also, on the subject of work, my semester has started up again, hence why it’ll also be a bit slow on my end. But we’ll try to get them out by/before the sunday of that week, no promises though. =^P

      1. yes, yes they are but its interesting how people show bias (Rei used to be 10+ lvls higher than Shion). Lotta KH fans out there.

  2. the last part of the page still have the edited text typed over the korean text. just thought i let you know but thanks for the scans!

    Edit: Already fixed, thanks for the tip though.

  3. So fast! Thanks a lot, this one just keeps getting more interesting.

    P.S. Annoying turtles!

  4. Thank you a lot for this! After this release has become the first place i will check in my daily manga/manwha routine from now on~

    1. just to point out, since I know how sad it can be to check and not find, the raws come out on sunday, and we’re up to date atm. =^)

      1. fair enough, and I’m not well acquainted with with the ziggy schedule to tell you bout that. Good luck? =^)

        1. Actually, I don’t like RSS much either…. lol
          I use to track my reads. ๐Ÿ˜›

          Edit: I just tried Opera’s built in RSS Feed. It’s not bad.

  5. Now I’m still with what shinsoo really is( good or evil from origin). With what can you compare it, in western mythology?
    I’ve seen this used a lot, also in other manga/ manwha.
    Thanks a lot for the chapter!

  6. thx a lot for translating + editing ๐Ÿ˜› this is awesome manhwa (so far) with interesting plot, a bit of refreshing humor, strange characters and great art

  7. Looks like we got a monster… yes a speedy monstrous translator haha

    thanks a lot and good idea gotta subscribe to the RSS… dhu!

    1. lol. It’s actually nura’s fault. He cleaned it real fast saying this chapter looked epic and then nagged at me to translate it fast. lol

      1. haha, I had some free time and one of the pgs didnt have transparent bubbles, so it was a bit easier on my end. And I didnt nag you, I just encouraged you a little bit. =^)

  8. I actually think it’s similar to (eastern) Chi, or Ki. Or simply a flow of energy that surrounds everything in their world… To make a fitting western comparison you’d have to consider animism or the concept of soul of Tales…but none of those ideas involve direct manifestations in the observed reality like the Shinsoo from this manwha!

    1. that sounds like something familiar… like… idk “The Force”

      “It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.”

      maybe baam is just outside the reach of the force, i mean the shinsoo so he is inmune to ki like attacks or he is some sort of luke skywalker and “The Force is strong with this one.”

      well whatever let’s wait and see how mr autor tells his tale

  9. can u start tranlating the manhwa id cause the a-team stop tranhlating it id, tower of god and zippy ziggy is the only thing good u translate. also thanks fo the release it was pretty good.

    1. That’s about all I translate… lol…
      I think it’s hard to say they’ve already “stopped”. It’s only been a month. Have you tried talking to a-team? If they say they stopped, I’ll pick it up, but there’s no way I’m scanlating an active project. Better put my efforts elsewhere. Besides, I can’t get my hands on good raws… because physically scanning them is too much work. >.>

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