Zippy vol5 ch33

If the download link points to nowhere, just wait or use the alternative. Things may be still in processing.

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Sorry for taking so long this time. So to speed things up, hiring a cleaner and typesetter for Zippy Ziggy. Use comments on this post to apply. Please post past experiences if you have any.

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  1. I just joined random scanlations as a typesetter. i passed the initial test. i did the last 4 pages of Koibana Onsen chapter 18 which hasn’t been released yet. so far, i got no feedback from adam regarding the work i did.

    anyway, need a typesetter? mail me and send me a test or something.

  2. Thank you. If you can quickly, I will comment for every chapter.
    Note: Zippy ziggy is the welcome manhwa at Viet Nam 😀

  3. umm, i can help with the cleaning and typesetting and as long as you don’t delay the release i won’t give up 😀

    I would prefer talking via email about this. Oh, and if you could send me a test chapter that would be great.

  4. Could prolly help you with cleaning, send me a test or so over email, and we will see if im up for the jobb.

  5. Grumpy you’re the best!

    thank you so much for doing all this work.
    really Im very grateful, cause without you this great manhwa would be wasted with only a handfull of people know of its existence.
    keep it up

    thumbs up!

  6. I would like to attempt to be a cleaner, as well as a typesetter. Though I have no experience, I would like to try and help you guys out. E-mail me, if you’re still looking for people.

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