New theme!!

Hello everyone!

As you can see, the site’s been changed!!! For some people, they may have been thinking the site’s gone crazy…. but it’s just me installing a new theme. lol It was probably not the best of time to be installing one with peak visitors due to zippy but I did it now anyways.

Some also may be thinking that I should better spend my time translating another chapter than installing a new theme. If you are one of them, this is my response. Too bad.

Some of the initial UI design of this template is a bit questionable… like clicking the image doesn’t GO anywhere… But it does highlight the releases pretty well. 🙂 And it’s got featured image thingy… Which took a while to change every single one of my posts (almost).  For some reason, they were all pointing towards the english flag sign rather than the real first image as the featured… And all my pretty tables have been stuffed into the “more” parts of the post. The theme kinda breaks when I force it to show the table without going to detailed page… >.>

I will also probably change the readers to update to the new theme. But in the meantime, enjoy what you got. 😛

– Grumpy

P.S. This site is now ad free!! And it will STAY AD FREE (Probably)!! But I put some stuff in the ‘banner’ boxes of this theme b/c it was just convenient for me to place things there than to recode the things. So, you may want to turn off you adblock on this website.

5 Responses

  1. This isn’t too bad but it kinda looks like everything else out there. I much preferred the old theme and format. It had a lot more style and the background pic was great.

    1. Aww, too bad you don’t like it as much. The old one… certainly had a bit more of a personality and it really was awesome. But I personally don’t like dark themes, and for me who visits this page every day, I’ve about had enough of it. So it was time to change.

      I’m thinking this theme might have a little too corporate vibe. Looks like we’re some big ass manhwa production site when we’re smaller than most grps out there.

      Oh and I’m looking into ways to put a nice background into this too.

  2. “Looks like we’re some big ass manhwa production site when we’re smaller than most grps out there.”

    you can say that again, we’re like what? 2 people a project, some even less?

  3. It looks very cool grumpy.
    But I don’t mind the ads probably (don’t check this site too often).

    1. Well, I’m sure the non-intrusive ads really bother much people at all. And as an extreme hater of intrusive ads, I wouldn’t want to pose that on anyone. But at the same time, it doesn’t actually get clicked. So, I figured I’ll just turn it off and make the site look more awesome. lol

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