Zippy 5-32!

If the download link points to nowhere, just wait or use the alternative. Things may be still in processing.

Scanlation English
Read Online Manga Toshokan
Clean, Type, Raw English Korea
Download (PSD)
Read Online

If you are concerned with pronunciation of names and number of other Korean things, read this. Bit lengthy, but should help.

Note for re-translators:
This version of Zippy comes FULLY with PSD files. So, cleaned version is readily available above separately. So all you have to do is replace the text in the files to get yourself a brand new translation release!

Also, I’d appreciate if you respect my crediting policy. Also, if someone tells me where other re-translations are held, I’ll be happy to link to them and would appreciate a link back as the source as well.

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  1. Small question,on p103 the master answers something (bottom left corner) what does she say? Looks important for the joke…

    Thanks for the chapter!

      1. if you want help cleaning, i dont have access to the raw but i can help cleaning (i use photoshop cs2 with noise mods) and i can typeset pretty good.

        my cleaning isnt godly orgasm wtfso clean, it is standard. i can easily clean a good raw without making it blurry and can save to any picture format -> jpeg png etc.

        email me at if you would like help.

        i can also provide you with previous scanlations i have cleaned and typsetted.

        1. It’s actually fuzzy (though, I really don’t think it is) for the most part because I’m enlarging the images… lol Not b/c I’m passing it thru strong filters.

    1. This manhwa has so much gradients that I tried to capture those. But kay… Someone else’s cleaning next chap, see how it goes. lol

  2. Can you please put up mirrors somewhere (anywhere!) to .rars to chapters 26-27 if you have them? 26 was apparently released on IRC many months back, but bots that had it are now dead, and 27 never made it to the public internets because they were going to ‘wait a week’ or something to release and ended up forgetting. Thus neither of these are available anywhere. Grumpy is the only site of the three that seems to care about Zippy Ziggy anymore, which is why I’m asking here.

    Anyway, if you’ve got them, uploading them somewhere would be real nice.

  3. what does the “BG” stands at the end of the credit page , and thanks for the release , if it wasnt for you this manhwa would have gone dead

  4. Thank you so much for the uploads. I found the series today and ended up reading the whole thing ><. I haven't read anything so funny in years 😛 made my week so thanks a million and a lot more 🙂

  5. Hi I wanna ask a question. Who was the girl on the background picture of this site? she’s hot lol Is she a character of a manga/anime? Thanks

  6. Gee, this picture sure is popular.

    Name is: Hitagi Senjougahara
    Series: Bakemonogatari
    Artist: Tony Taka (for this specific pic)

    I really don’t know anything beyond that b/c I never watched Bakemonogatari.

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