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  1. Thanks alot! Just started the series and its quite enjoyable! Cant wait for the following chapters!

  2. Thank you guys so much for scanlating! I love this manhwa – I’m completely addicted. We all appreciate your hard work! *sends you lots of love* 😀

  3. First read this webcomic/manwha today after a review appeared on Mangahelpers, and I’m enjoying it. Thank you for your efforts!

    (Btw, this post hasn’t been categorized under ‘Tower of God’ yet. >_<)

  4. @YK
    I recategorized it, I guess grumpy was tired or something and didn’t notice, thanks.

    1. Funny thing…. I actually forget ALL the time. Then add the categories after I post. Just that this time, I never remembered. lol

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