Tower of God: Season 2 Ch. 65 – 30F – One Shot, One Opportunity (End)


Betcha didn’t see this coming. ~G

~ GoDai, Trebor, Grumpy, Fembot, CrazyRed, ArrJay ~

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Chapter 64
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  1. Now we have to wait even longer for the next chapter 🙁


    Thanks for the fast release! 😀

      1. The author’s wrists aren’t in a good condition. It’s in the notes written at the bottom of this chapter.

  2. This is the first time that I am giving credit to an author who gives me this much excitement! Thank you for making the plot so eventful and please take a good 2 weeks break and look forward to your next piece of work.

    -Your ‘addicted’ fan

  3. Thanks, team seven meet up again rakkkkk, anyway can you change your credit, really change my mood to read lol

  4. The cat is out of the bag, She KNOWS!

    Conflicting feelings,
    Confusion, doubt, a glimpse of hope?, desperation, but overall PAIN…

    Poor Baam, for the next step is surely rage… apocalyptic-female-rage to the point where he’ll have definitely preferred to stay dead.

    Thx guys for the chapter!

    1. As if Baam cares about that Androssi bitch.
      A violent person like her, who has a terrible personality (manipulation and show off), and uses kicks more than words, should keep herself away from our gentle and nice protagonist.

      He won’t care even if she were to kill him. Would say something like, “Bitch has gone crazy.” Kekeke…..
      She is a self-centered person, while Baam is selfless and thinks about all other people around him. (And, she’s so opposite that they she doesn’t even attract him, so don’t even say something like ‘opposites attract’. Though SHE seems to be attracted to him. As expected of our Baam…)

      I hope Baam finds a kind, gentle and understanding girl for himself. (Yuri is a nice one when it comes to Baam.)

      By the way, “Her” fans could post their rage comments if they want to.
      I’m not going to respond to their lame excuses though.
      (She is a BitcH after all. It’s a fact so accept it, man.
      Obviously, no one can beat ‘The Queen of Bitches’- “Rachel”, but Androssi is still a bitch, though of a different kind. Hmm, those annoying types, I guess.

      See ya!

      1. Yuri introduced herself to Baam via shoe to his face. I think kicking is a Zahard trait or something.

  5. I wish i could tell SIU how boss he is in person but i don’t know any korean and have no idea how much english he knows so here is the next best thing. i started reading Tower of God around the time ch.44 came out and it has been worse than crack since then

  6. anyone already thought that Baam is son of Zahard? and was isolated because of that?in the chapter 28 there’s the symbol of zahard in the cave where baam was isolated. i dont know but i like the thought ;D

  7. Hi,

    I was wondering if you’ve heard the Odd Squad’s English Translation Overlay? I’m not sure how it works, but they basically put the translation right on the Korean page, so it gets all the hits from the American readers.

    I absolutely love The Company’s work on Kubera and ToG, and I just don’t want the authors to miss any hits just because some fans aren’t Korean…


  8. Really! Whats wrong with Koreans mangakas nowadays? Both ToG and Noblesse mangakas are ill.
    Naver must pay them very low wages and preasure must be too big, if they health detoriated from work at this point 🙁

  9. This is such a great manga i hope you get better soon SIU. I really cant wait for the next chapter

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