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  1. Whoaa, okay, I didn’t expect that!
    Thanks for the release! 😀
    I think there’s a problem with the comment area, it often claims I’m not a human and refuses to let me post…

    1. (after I successfully complete the test, I mean. I’ve never been rejected until recently)

    2. Yea that happen to me too yesterday after i completed the test it went to an error page oh well as long as it works now
      Thanks for the chapter

  2. Thank you for this release. As usual, it was great. But I think there’s an image missing, the one where Baekmorae get scratched by the cat while trying to remove Medusa’s hat from its mouth 🙂

    1. Yes you are right. I have no idea how that could have happened.
      Going to fix that right away.
      Thank you for noticing.

        1. Oh, thank you for fixing it so quickly!

          (about the avatar, I didn’t get to chose it… I was not angry about anything, though. Please don’t get it wrong ^^”)

          1. Haha…that’s definitely not me –”
            I am a fangirl, indeed, and kind of crazy, too, but never angry nor screaming 😀

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